Miami Salsa DJ & Entertainment
We liven up your party!

Miami Salsa DJ & Entertainment - that's exactly what we are!

Make your party the ultimate experience for you and your guests!

We have ALL kinds of music: Latin, reggae, hip-hop and oldies. But we are masters in Miami Salsa.

We bring conga drums, bongos, guidos, maracas, cow bells - all kinds of percussion instruments for your guests play with.

We give your party that "live band" sound.

We are more than just a "DJ". We are a Miami Salsa DJ & Entertainment service. We not only play music catered to your personal likes, but we also entertain your guests.

For example, all your guests may not dance all night. Some may like to play the congas. Yet how often do they get to play for an audience? With our Miami Salsa DJ & Entertainment service - your guests will be part of the show!

Imagine the good time you and your guests will have. YOUR party will have been different and SPECIAL!

Another specialty of a Miami Salsa DJ & Entertainment service like ours is that we entertain your guests by singing old favorites. Picture the personal touch your party will have with a person singing live old favorites as your guests eat dinner or romantically sway to a "timeless melody". Maybe you or some of your guests would like to join in? Imagine how special they will feel with a microphone in hand!

When it's "Mariachi" time and the Mexican sarape and hats come out, be ready to really sing out LOUD!
With a Miami Salsa DJ & Entertainment couple like us - your party will be more like an event!

By now you are probably thinking, "Now these two are a real Miami Salsa DJ & Entertainment service!" Well, it doesn't stop there!

We are also quite the dancers, don't you know. We'll dance for you and your guests as we have done for many a competition. We'll dance anything from a waltz to a polka, from a merengue line dance to a salsa to a mean cha cha cha. We even dance while we play our instruments for you.

We can dazzle ALL your guests - some by dancing to our extensive selection of music, others by different forms of participation and the rest by merely sitting back and watching the show! This is what a true Miami Salsa DJ & Entertainment service is all about.

A Gozar Con Gonzalez!

Gozando Con Gonzalez
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